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What we do

IMPOWER exists to increase the quality of citizens’ lives by making meaningful and measurable improvements to local public services. We use EDGEWORK to understand complex problems and deliver sustainable change. We have shown that better outcomes cost less.

Martin Cresswell

"In complex systems such as social care, children's services and health, there are few linear relationships between cause and effect. As a result, traditional project management approaches seldom deliver sustainable change. IMPOWER's answer to this challenge is EDGEWORK, our unique approach which provides clients with the skills, techniques and mindset they need to solve complex problems."

Martin Cresswell, Chief Executive and Vice Chairman, IMPOWER

Valuing Independence

Through our Valuing Independence campaign, we aim to boost the independence of 100,000 people by eradicating unnecessary demand in social care. Using our unique EDGEWORK Target Demand Model, we focus on the citizen, building an analytical view of demand, and focusing on decisions and behaviours that get in the way of maximising value.

Reframing adult social care in this way enables councils to understand the demand they face and what level of it is avoidable. Through this approach we have already helped improve thousands of lives and saved over £30 million across 10 councils. Building on this track record, we want to reach a further 100,000 people.

Valuing Children

IMPOWER’s Valuing Children campaign aims to improve the lives of 100,000 children by maximising value and eradicating unnecessary demand in children’s services. Our three programmes – Target Demand Redesign, Reframing Special Educational Needs & Disability, and Valuing Care – look beyond the traditional boundaries in local government and realign children’s outcomes with their needs and the available resources.
By reframing children’s social care as a complex demand-led system, councils can achieve better outcomes which cost less overall. This requires new tools, insights, skills and metrics. Our unique EDGEWORK approach gives Directors of Children’s Services the evidence and the confidence to understand and value their services.

Health and Care Interface

We work at the interface between health and social care both to improve outcomes for service users and to reduce costs. We know that better outcomes cost less, and that addressing demand is the best way to deliver this. Our solutions enable our health and social care clients to identify and understand the groups of people accessing health and care services in their region, and to understand the impact of transformation activities. By addressing patients’ needs earlier, prioritising their independence and improving coordination between services, they achieve better outcomes.

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