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What we do

We use EDGEWORK to understand and solve complex problems, delivering sustainable change and better public services.

Martin Cresswell

"In complex systems such as social care, children's services and health, there are few linear relationships between cause and effect. As a result, traditional project management approaches seldom deliver sustainable change. iMPOWER's answer to this challenge is EDGEWORK, our unique approach which provides clients with the skills, techniques and mindset they need to solve complex problems."

Martin Cresswell, Chief Executive and Vice Chairman, iMPOWER

Adult Social Care: Target Demand Systems

We use demand-led change to improve outcomes for users of social care services, promote independence and reduce costs. That can be achieved by a focus on maximising independence, and by addressing citizens' needs early on to prevent them from escalating. Building a Target Demand Model enables councils to understand the demand they face and what level of it is avoidable. Using this model, we then work jointly to design and implement a programme to deliver a reduction in demand.

Valuing Care

iMPOWER's Valuing Care programme helps councils to improve the life chances of children in care by strengthening the links between children’s needs, the outcomes being pursued, and the resources available.

By better capturing and reviewing the needs of looked after children, councils can make better decisions on support, placements and commissioning. This enables greater transparency and fairness over how resources are used across the system, and makes sure that every pound spent makes a positive difference.

Children's Services: Target Demand Redesign

We help councils to design more effective early intervention and prevention models within children’s services, managing demand and building family resilience. There are real opportunities to reduce the number of children entering specialist services and to make these services more financially sustainable. This means turning away from high-cost and often low impact statutory provision and towards more impactful interventions earlier on. Our analysis provides an evidence base for change that is used to co-design sustainable service delivery models.

Health and Care Interface

We work at the interface between health and social care to improve outcomes for service users and reduce costs. Addressing demand presents the biggest opportunity to deliver better outcomes for less. Our solutions enable clients to identify and understand the group of people accessing both health and care services, and to show the impact of transformation activities. This assists efforts to address patients’ needs earlier, prioritise their independence and improve coordination between services.

Delivery Partnerships

We work with councils to achieve their strategic objectives across a range of services through multi-service, multi-year support packages. Scoping, planning and implementing a longer and multi-layered programme means that a council's wider strategic goals can be targeted, rather than focussing just on shorter term objectives within individual public services. It also enables the development of richer and deeper relationships across organisational boundaries to develop a shared ambition for a council and its partners.

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