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Discussion series: Early Help Learning Sets

In September 2014 IMPOWER and a select group of invited councils met for our first Early Help Learning Set.

January 12, 2016

New Models in Fostering

IMPOWER recently conducted a survey of senior officers on the subject of alternative delivery models in children’s services.

October 19, 2015

A Brave New World

Is inspection improving children's services?

October 15, 2015

CAMHS: A time to transform

A new discussion paper from IMPOWER outlining our perspective on the dysfunctions of the current CAMHS system.

October 8, 2015

Fostering Futures

Offering up a new way of thinking about fostering services and how we improve the life outcomes for vulnerable children.

October 1, 2015

The Public Sector’s Digital Future (part I)

The public sector wants to find its digital future.

July 29, 2015

Breaking The Lock

A vision for what a future sustainable model of care should be.

April 29, 2015

A Question of Behaviours

Current integration plans could mean another expensive health care re-organisation because of the failure to take into account longstanding professional and public behaviours.

November 28, 2013

Beyond Nudge to Managing Demand

We urgently need to give demand management serious consideration if we are to avoid a situation of managed decline.

July 31, 2013


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