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Jason Walton

Fit for Purpose

iMPOWER’s new think piece, Fit for Purpose, shows the resurgence in councils exploring alternative models of delivery, and outlines how they might consider going about it at scale.

This position paper argues that now more than ever, public sector organisations should be considering alternative delivery models as a means to make public services sustainable and to improve the quality of their delivery. The paper then outlines an approach for a thorough and systematic review of the appropriateness of delivery models for all significant service areas.

Whilst alternative delivery models are untested in some areas, when a council’s goals, desired outcomes and savings targets are clear, new forms of delivery can create the conditions for innovation and create new value for local government. ‘Fit For Purpose’ makes clear that there is an approach councils can take, and quickly, to test whether they need to be exploring different delivery models. At its core, ‘Fit For Purpose’ is really the ‘how to guide’ for exploring an alternative delivery model” – Martin Cresswell, iMPOWER Chief Executive

If you have any questions about this work, or are interested in learning more about how we support councils to explore and develop alternative delivery models, please contact Jason Walton at

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