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Ralph Cook

Which are the highest performing councils in relation to adult social care?

It’s out! The MJ have today published our much-anticipated list of the highest performing councils in relation to adult social care.

I’m sure this will start a lively debate about what good social care is, as it has for the last two years – which is exactly what we want.

As previously, we have three main aims in producing a list of the highest performing councils. First, to move the sector towards developing its own definition of what good adult social care is. Second, to widen the debate beyond simply the amount of money available to local government to what is being achieved with it (the outcomes achieved per pound spent). And third, to encourage councils to engage with debate about variation, in order to strengthen their case for increased funding.

Find out which councils made the list on The MJ website – and join the debate on Twitter or by sending me an email with your thoughts.

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