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Reflections about the High Hopes for High Needs programme

Alastair Thompson

What a pleasure it is to reflect on the learning and impact from the High Hopes for High Needs programme over the last year.

The annual High Needs Impact Report is a great example of what we get up for here at IMPOWER – working with parents, councils, education settings and many other people to deliver frontline change that makes a practical and positive difference to the lives of children and young people with different needs. 

Some reflections from last year include: 

“I really loved Valuing SEND. It has really helped me to think about my child’s support needs and also the areas I need help with.” Parent carer, Derby 

“I am absolutely confident the decisions we are making for children are more inclusive.” Panel Coordinator, Suffolk 

“The meeting was very useful and has given me new strategies to use at home.” Parent carer, Suffolk  

“This [Valuing SEND] is an excellent tool for schools to work collaboratively with families.” Nursery, Hertfordshire 

“The engagement has been parent and carer friendly and informative. They have respected and listened to all views and created space for the network to engage.” Parent Carer Forum, Cornwall  

There is so much more to do for children and young people with high needs. I know the High Needs Delivery Advisory Board which steers the programme will make sure we keep the focus on learning and improving lives. 

Written by

Alastair Thompson

Delivery Director, IMPOWER



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