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Geoff Hinkins

Public services thought leader, innovator or change enthusiast? Join us at an IMPOWER learning event

At IMPOWER we are committed to helping local authorities deliver better public services; not only through the work we do for clients, but also through convening thought leaders, innovators and enthusiasts from across the sector.

We want to stimulate debate across the sectors we work in about the best ways to deliver sustainable change, and to highlight the work of those who are already leading the way.

To this end, over the coming months we are planning a programme of events that will bring people together to share best practice and discuss the most pressing and exciting topics in public services. These events include discussion groups and Shared Learning Events to explore specific topics of interest.

Shared Learning Events

The purpose of the biannual Shared Learning Events is to enable local government colleagues working in adult social care to explore a specific theme, which is chosen by participants at the preceding event. The idea is to cover the challenges being faced, and to share current projects, insights and learning in an informal environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. A mix of colleagues from various local authorities are invited, alongside sector leaders and other speakers. With no more than 30 people in the room, everyone can have a chance to join in the discussion and share their own insights. Smaller workshop sessions are used to help attendees work through individual challenges.

Attendees value the opportunity to convene in a safe space to share their challenges and learn about innovative and creative practice from across the country, including from areas they never previously would have engaged with. They have made new connections, found the answers to problems that have been keeping them awake, and left inspired at the scale of innovation and creativity in evidence across public services. This summary of our recent Shared Learning Event (on managing demand at the adults front door) gives a taste of what you can expect.

Our next Shared Learning Event will take place on Thursday 12th September.

Discussion groups

Discussion groups allow senior leaders and sector influencers to come together to explore specific topics of interest. As per the Shared Learning Events, the event provides an opportunity to share experience and ideas, but with a narrow focus and in a small group setting.

If you’re interested in finding out about upcoming events, or are keen to participate, please do get in touch.

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