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Ralph Cook

Next steps for the Voluntary and Community Sector in a world shaped by Covid

Today we launch a new publication, Next steps for the VCS: The Voluntary and Community Sector in a world shaped by Covid.

A key observation for all our clients over the last six months has been the centrality of the VCS in the response to Covid. Going forward, many people have expressed a desire to maximise the role of the VCS across the adult social care system – but what is less clear is what this might actually look like. How can the positive energy of today be sustained, while doing the difficult work needed to support communities to ‘bounce forward’ (rather than just ‘bounce back’) and embed new ways of working?

In August, we brought together system leaders from across Adult Social Care and the VCS to discuss:

  • Key reflections on Covid and the role of the VCS
  • The big opportunities for maximising the role of the VCS from now onwards, and
  • The next steps needed to ‘bounce forward’

This publication summarises the key points that came out of the discussion.

Download the report below; do get in touch if you’d like a further conversation.

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