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Introducing our Valuing Independence and Valuing Children Campaigns

Everyone at IMPOWER is passionate about helping local authorities deliver better public services. We want each local citizen – our neighbours, families, communities – to maximise their independence and enjoy better outcomes, while, at the same time, helping councils manage their limited budgets. Since 2000, we have led the way with demand management and behavioural science, understanding that by delaying, reducing or eliminating unnecessary demand, we can meet the twin objectives of better outcomes that cost less.

This is not about rationing. It’s about supporting leaders in local government who, after more than a decade of biting austerity that has stripped back resources to unprecedented levels, continue to face hard challenges and make difficult choices every day. They want to give their local residents the best life chances while also meeting statutory fiscal limitations. So do we.

At IMPOWER, we believe that sustainable change only happens when the moral purpose of a system or an organisation (the reason why they exist) is aligned with performance improvements (what they do).  We call this “primed performance”, and it is measured using primed metrics.

IMPOWER exists to increase the quality of people’s lives by making meaningful and measurable improvements to local public services. To more explicitly align our own purpose with our work in adult social care and children’s services, we have introduced two new campaigns with ambitious goals. Putting people first, we want to boost the independence of 100,000 people who might turn to adult social care services, and improve the life chances of 100,000 children who might need support from children’s services.

Our campaigns are:

Valuing Independence: boosting the independence of 100,000 people by eradicating unnecessary demand in social care.

Valuing Children: improving the lives of 100,000 children by maximising value and eradicating unnecessary demand in children’s services.

To achieve our goals, we will be drawing on our 20 years of insights, applied learning, project impacts, and our unique EDGEWORK approach. For Valuing Independence, we use our Target Demand Model to focus on decisions and behaviours that get in the way of maximising value. Reframing adult social care in this way enables councils to understand the demand they face and what level of it is avoidable. Through this approach we have already helped improve thousands of lives and saved over £30 million across 10 councils. Building on this track record, we want to boost the independence of a further 100,000 people.

For Valuing Children, we will pursue three elements: Target Demand Redesign, Reframing Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, and Valuing Care. Together, they help us look beyond the traditional boundaries in local government and realign children’s outcomes with their needs and the available resources. Our approach gives Directors of Children’s Services the evidence and the confidence to understand and value their services, and we aim to reach a further 100,000 children through this initiative.

We will keep writing about the campaigns on our blog. If you would like to get involved, please drop us a line!

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