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David Colbear

IMPOWER’s Heroes of 2019: 20 December

Adenike Tilleray is exactly the sort of person you need to successfully deliver transformational change in the public sector. She has the right blend of value-driven motivation and managerial skills and focus to steer a change programme from conception to business as usual.

This is what Adenike did working with the IMPOWER team to deliver the Better Lives programme in Ealing. She was instrumental in providing the local knowledge that made sure the programme worked for Ealing and helping us navigate our way through the council and its partners.

The success of the programme couldn’t have been achieved without her skill, knowledge and experience and with her ongoing guidance, six months after we left, the spend per day on commissioned services continues to decrease and outcomes for residents continues to improve. On top of this the programme has been highly commended by the Management Consultants Association and shortlisted for an award by the Local Government Chronicle.

Every council needs an Adenike, and we were very lucky to work with her in Ealing.

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