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Chloe Saunders

IMPOWER’s Heroes of 2019: 13 December

My Hero of 2019 (well, all time hero) is my mum, Michele Saunders, who sadly passed away six months ago today after courageously fighting a 35-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Mum devoted her life to her children, her mantra being ‘I won’t let the MS beat me’, and her reluctance to give into any struggle clearly demonstrated that. As Mum’s illness deteriorated, she was no longer able to verbally communicate, but her sparkling eyes and bright smile let everyone know how she felt. Similarly, if she didn’t like someone – her face didn’t hide it!

I’d like to thank all the carers, social workers and community volunteers that contributed to her life throughout the years; your support enabled us to give my mum the best quality of life possible. A big thank you to the Peter Gidney Neurological Centre in Kent, where Mum spent the last four years of her life. Knowing you filled her days with so much care, love and laughter made it less difficult to say goodbye each time.

My mum was by far the strongest person I have ever known, and her inner strength, courage and sheer determination is a true inspiration. Forever my mum, forever my hero.

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