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Jeremy Cooper

Exposed at ADASS Spring Seminar: What’s really happening at the health and care interface

I am really looking forward to attending this year’s ADASS Spring Seminar next week. Spending three days catching up with Directors of Adult Social Care, many of whom we know and are working with, plus some that we look forward to getting to know, is genuinely a highlight of my year. The discussions during the formal sessions and in the corridors and coffee spots around them is key to understanding and setting the tone, direction and energy within adult social care for the year ahead.

In our workshop on Tuesday, Ralph Cook and I will be revealing the results of some new research, including our survey of more than 200 health and care professionals who told us what is really driving poorer outcomes at the interface between health and social care. We will also reveal the five year trajectory of relationships and trust between health and care following on from our ground-breaking Home Truths programme. Have things improved or worsened? We will also explore more than 25 specific behavioural and environmental factors, shedding light on why certain types of decisions are being made.

I promise that the session will be interactive, thought-provoking and will leave participants with tangible insight and findings that they use to improve outcomes.

We hope lots of DASSs will be able to join us to explore the evidence and join the debate.

See you in Yarnfield Park.

Join our workshop at ADASS Spring Seminar:

EXPOSED! What’s really happening at the health and care interface

Tuesday 30th April, 2pm, Howden A room

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