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David Colbear

Ealing’s ASC placement spend down 5% – how did they do it?

Ealing council’s average daily spend on adult social care placements is down 5% compared to this time last year, despite an overall increase in demand for services. How did they do it?

The second instalment of our EDGEWORK Series – launched today – is a guide to Primed Performance Management (PPM), and includes a case study detailing how the use of PPM in our work with Ealing Council helped them to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

(And by the way – in case you missed it – our adult social care work with Ealing was Highly Commended in the 2019 Management Consultancy Association Awards.)

Our EDGEWORK series gives detailed insight into IMPOWER’s unique approach, which helps our clients understand complex problems in order to solve them. EDGEWORK includes a set of defined and flexible inventive methods which are deployed as appropriate to local circumstances; PPM falls under the Trajectory Management inventive method.

Through the use of PPM, teams develop a performance culture. They gather and use performance information as a day-to-day activity, which enables everyone across an organisation to understand how individual actions and decisions impact the system as a whole.

The guide explains the five steps used in PPM:

However, it is important to realise that PPM is more than just a framework for delivering performance; the focus is on developing staff skills, confidence and behaviours to exploit fully the power of performance data.

Download the guide to Primed Performance Management below, or read the online report.

For more on PPM:

Download the report

Click here to download the latest Primed Performance Management report in PDF format.


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