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Amy Long

A day in the life of a Senior Consultant… Amy Long

"It’s a real privilege to work alongside frontline council staff to help them turn their service improvement ideas into a reality."

Amy Long

It seems like a bit of a cliché to start a ‘day in the life’ post by saying that it is hard to write one because no two days are the same, but that is genuinely the case working at IMPOWER.

Since joining the company around two years ago, I’ve worked with seven different organisations, from London boroughs to Irish government agencies, on projects that have ranged from setting a budget that would support improving outcomes, to embedding strengths-based practice with Adult Social Care teams.

I am currently working with a county council, supporting them in improving their Special Educational Needs (SEN) service. My days can be spent: supporting their transformation team in planning their projects; meeting with senior managers to understand their ambitions for their service; spending time with frontline staff to understand what their challenges are and doing plenty of data analysis and slide packs in between. It’s a real privilege to work alongside frontline council staff to help them turn their service improvement ideas into a reality.

I joined IMPOWER after having spent some years working for Birmingham City Council and then moving onto the National Graduate Development Programme at London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. Moving into a different sector felt quite daunting, however, the culture at IMPOWER is incredibly welcoming and there’s a real emphasis on personal development that made me feel right at home. We have regular ‘People Friday’ sessions in the office, where we share learning and impact from working with our clients and share tips and tricks with each other – in addition to our annual training budget. As I was new to consulting, getting to know the wider consulting sector was important to me – I’ve since had the opportunity to represent our company within the Young Management Consultancy Association, enabling me to meet lots of other people and gain an insight into the wider industry.

Working at IMPOWER genuinely enables you to have a real, positive impact on the lives of individuals across the country – including within the organisations we work for. Being a Senior Consultant at IMPOWER requires wearing many hats and using lots of different skills all within the same day, which means it can never be described as boring – even if your sudden interest in trains may be!


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