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Applying EDGEWORK: case studies, reports and publications, IMPOWER INDEX and IMPOWER's blog.


The IMPOWER INDEX is a benchmarking tool with a difference - it grades councils on productivity (outcome value per £). Using publicly available data sets and looking at performance through six different lenses, it allows councils to compare performance against other authorities, and drill down into their own data.

At IMPOWER insight leads our approach. Our team regularly publish articles and reports that explore the challenge of delivering better public services.

Adult Social Care: Target Demand Systems

Demand-led change is the best option for creating a sustainable adult social care system and improving outcomes. First councils need to understand the demand they face and what level of it is avoidable.

Children's Services: Target Demand Redesign

Early impactful intervention provides a real opportunity to reduce the number of children entering specialist services, and to effectively manage demand across the system.

Delivery Partnerships

Partnerships are the most effective way to deliver effective and sustainable change in the public sector, sharing responsibility for delivery and developing a shared ambition for those involved.

Health and Care Interface

By taking a person-centred view, promoting independence and working upstream to provide health and care services, it is possible to deliver better outcomes for less.

Valuing Care

The life chances of children in care can be improved by strengthening the links between children’s needs, the outcomes being pursued, and the resources available.


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