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Top Level INDEX

Ranks council productivity and examines performance through seven lenses

IMPOWER has designed the Top-Level Index to support Chief Executives and Strategic Directors approach the challenges, shape, and focus the conversation, and helps shape inclusive ambition across their complex systems.

The Top-Level INDEX ranks council productivity, examining performance through seven lenses:

  • Children’s Social Care
  • Older Adults
  • All Age Disability
  • Health and Integrated Care Systems
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Climate Change

Each lens has between six and ten measures, drawn from publicly available datasets which IMPOWER has selected to represent a series of outcomes that reflect both controllable and influenceable activity.

The INDEX helps explore questions which top teams will need to answer to provide confidence the right investment decisions and focus is being provided to move from either unsustainable or expensive systems to optimised systems that balances cost and outcomes. Some questions that the Index helps prompt for each system top teams operate within include:

  • Is the current financial position affordable & sustainable?
  • Do management teams have an understanding about why certain metrics are underperforming compared to the others?
  • What is the scale of avoidable demand? How do management teams know?
  • Is this level of outcome sustainable? Where are local authorities building up future cost or paying for outcomes that do not reflect priorities?
  • Is this a shared understanding of productivity across the leadership team?
  • Is there a profile of the cohort of people experiencing lower outcomes?
  • What are leading performers doing in each specific area?