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DTOC & Interface Module


In 10 charts, this module of the IMPOWER INDEX tells the story of Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC) from hospitals to local council social care services. It shows how well the interface between the health and care systems is working nationally and across each local authority area. The module tracks monthly DTOC movements and trends, and sets them against hospital attendance and emergency admissions. The module contains data on England’s 150 local authorities and around 230 of the NHS trusts in England.

This module helps examine some strategic questions:

  1. Is local and national DTOC performance heading in the right direction?
  2. What is the variation in performance between healthcare provision and social care provision within each local area?
  3. How does DTOC performance compare across local areas?
  4. Are local areas meeting their targets?
  5. At what rate are areas improving or worsening?
  6. Is emergency admissions performance heading in the right direction?
  7. Is there a correlation between emergency admissions and DTOC performance?

Government performance criteria for DTOC

The module also includes performance data on five criteria set by the Government to evaluate DTOC performance. Letters sent to poorer-performing councils in December 2017 suggested that the Department of Health and Social Care and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government were challenging performance based around whether councils:

  1. hit DTOC social care expectations for Sept 17;
  2. improved performance since Sept 2016;
  3. improved performance since Feb 2017;
  4. are in the bottom quartile for social care DTOC rates for adults per 100,000 population;
  5. have a DTOC social care rate at or below 2.6 per 100,000 population.

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