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The IMPOWER Index is a benchmarking tool with a difference - it grades councils on productivity (outcome value per £). Using publicly available data sets and looking at performance through six different lenses, it allows councils to compare performance against other authorities, and drill down into their own data.

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Using the Index

The Index helps councils in particular to answer a number of strategic questions including:

  • How do both outcomes and productivity compare to other councils across England of a similar size, or geographically close by, or statistically similar?
  • Are investments in public services working?
  • What are the priorities for further improvement?
  • Which councils are leading the way and what can we learn from them?
  • How well aligned are individual services with council priorities?

The IMPOWER Index enables local authorities and health trusts across England to compare their performance against all other local authorities and health trusts. Uniquely, the Index measures value and productivity rather than efficiency. That means we can answer, pound for pound:

  • which councils are spending their money most effectively and getting the best outcomes for citizens; and
  • which trusts and councils are best at reducing delays in the transfer of people from hospitals into social care.

Alongside the overall Index, we have also developed five specialist modules which take an in-depth look into specific areas of public services.

Top Level Index

Ranks council productivity and examines performance through six lenses

High Needs Module

Analyses and benchmarks performance across a range of factors in relation to children with high needs with a specific focus on managing demand

Adult Social Care Module

Assesses and benchmarks performance across a range of factors, with a specific focus on managing demand

Children’s Services Module

Evaluates the outcomes and productivity of local authority Departments of Children’s Services

Valuing Care Module

Analyses performance (on outcomes and spend) of local authority Children’s Services Departments in relation to Looked-After Children

Climate Change Module

Drills down into relevant data for every council in England, enabling them to understand their current situation and future opportunities

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