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Delivery Partnerships

We work with councils to achieve their strategic objectives across a range of services through multi-service, multi-year support packages.

The challenge

The complex problems faced by local authorities usually involve multiple interfaces within and between organisations. Such problems cannot be addressed sustainably through short term objectives within individual services.

Our solution

Successfully delivering change within complex systems where responsibilities are dispersed and no single person has complete control requires more than a simple diagnosis of needs done. Traditional project management and business-as-usual approaches have a high risk of failure for projects that involve complex problems. This is because such approaches tend to lack a holistic view of the organisation and its strategic goals, and sufficient time and space. A delivery partnership approach means that responsibility for delivery is shared, and that the chance of success is greater.

Our approach

Scoping, planning and implementing a longer and multi-layered programme means that a council’s wider strategic goals can be targeted, rather than focussing just on shorter term objectives within individual public services. It also enables the development of richer and deeper relationships across organisational boundaries to develop a shared ambition for a council and its partners.

Delivery partnerships are the most effective way to deliver effective and sustainable change in the public sector.

Work with us

Relationships start with a conversation. Here’s how to get in touch.

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