The Challenge

The BPP procurement was complex, as it initially involved five client groups (two Forces and their Authorities, and the Home Office) all of whom had significantly different motivations. iMPOWER’s initial role was to assist the Forces in aligning their objectives and ambitions for the programme, whist moving the procurement forward.

This included facilitating a number of bidder events, together with opening the data room to bidders, and publishing the first draft of output specifications.

April 2012 - November 2012

Initial Barriers

Following Surrey’s withdrawal from the programme, the focus shifted to supporting West Midlands Police (WMP) in shaping the programme to best meet their needs.

This included redesigning the programme timetable, ISOP strategy and evaluation strategy recommendations. Additionally iMPOWER facilitated a number of bidder events and prepared key materials to ensure that the benefit of these sessions was maximised.

As the programme was paused prior to the PCC election, iMPOWER’s activity was focused on preparing a PCC options paper and updating all materials to leave the programme in the best possible position prior to the PCC taking office

iMPOWER's Contribution

The WMP programme team consisted of Police Officers and Staff, none of whom had previously delivered a competitive dialogue programme. Throughout iMPOWER were able to support with skills transfer, insight on the procurement process, and steadily built the knowledge base of the client team.

This programme required agile and flexible working throughout, with significant re-planning required, firstly when Surrey withdrew from the programme, and then when the WMP Police Authority decided to make no further decisions until the PCC was in post.

iMPOWER responded to this by having a flexible programme plan which enabled the discrete delivery of deliverables, and the continuation of programme momentum, without delivering an unnecessary number of consulting days.

We established a comprehensive programme governance framework to quality assure all deliverables and to ensure these were signed off by the programme by the appropriate group.

Delivering Benefits

During the project we were able to deliver a number of benefits including; supplier engagement strategy support, procurement strategy advice, and skills transfer to the project team.

This programme for iMPOWER was a new challenge as it was our first project working for the Police and Home Office. Although this was a new sector for us we were able to add a substantial skillset around client side advisory and programme management which were not established within the Forces we worked with.

We were able to provide an external perspective and insight that really challenged underlying programme assumptions and prompted the client to view the work from a different perspective.

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