Complex social problems aren’t accountancy, process or even leadership problems. They’re a combination of any number of misaligned incentives, broken relationships, competing interests and front line challenges. In a word, they are ‘awkward’. They don’t allow themselves to be easily defined nor do they encourage collaboration to solve them. They are, however, the sort of problems iMPOWER exists to solve.

Our work focuses on the most complex social systems and the problems that live within them.

1 Behavioural insight

Public services are the physical manifestation of the unwritten contract between the citizen and the state. As such, any attempt to reform them requires not only change by the state but also the citizen. All too often services have approached this task from an institutional perspective and neglected the perspective of the individual.

2 Combined analysis

Traditional geo-demography deals with people in easy-to-define groups and cohorts. Experienced public servants know that this rarely matches up to the reality of complex situations. Combining the latest population analysis techniques with a values-based approach and behavioural audit is what's needed to find solutions for 21st century public services.

3 Sustainable change

Relationships are central to transforming public services in the 21st century. Whether it's between different local professionals or between the service and citizens themselves, functioning relationships ensure change happens and issues are raised. Effective relationships are sustained by building the right behaviours into them.

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