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Olly Swann

Olly Swann

Shining A Light volume 3: Are we valuing care?

Launching our children's services essay collection

November 7, 2018

Debating public services at Labour Party Conference

I spent yesterday at the Labour Party conference, to take part in an important panel discussion on local government. It…

September 25, 2018

Demystifying the right level of funding for vulnerable children

Another day, another news story depicting the breadth and depth of the challenge facing children’s services departments across the country. …

June 14, 2018

Valuing children’s care

Four out of ten children in care today might not be there if the system was better organised. That’s one…

January 26, 2018

Consulting Excellence: iMPOWER’s commitment

As a member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), early this year iMPOWER formally committed to Consulting Excellence – a…

December 23, 2016

Do alternative models work for child services?

This article was originally posted in The MJ. In recent months local government has been calling on Theresa May and…

November 9, 2016

Regional Adoption Agencies: What we’ve learnt so far

Only recently was the establishment of Regional Adoption Agencies formally ‘announced‘ (the latest in a line of numerous press releases and papers). For those in…

April 12, 2016

Union… there’s a clue in the name

So there we have it.  The dust has settled on a General Election result few would have predicted. Regardless of…

May 13, 2015

Six Thoughts From NCAS Conference 2014

The annual ‘pilgrimage’ that all social care professionals generally make is the NCAS conference. In my opinion, it is one…

November 7, 2014

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