Our aims

iMPOWER exists to reform public services, build a new theory of change in the public sector and to provide a platform for some of the best and brightest people working in public services to affect real change and improve lives.

Insight leads our approach, built on uncovering the hidden truths within complex social problems. We place the citizen at the heart of our thinking to take our partners beyond traditional service models and create sustainable bottom-up change.

Our values

The public sector is all about people delivering services to people, that is why behaviours and relationships are so important. This means we believe that public services must be built, reformed and changed from the bottom up. The citizen and user of a service must be the most important part of its design, testing and delivery.

We believe that the ‘local’ in local public services matters and that each area is unique. Finally, we believe that real change is sustained by the relationships and connections we help to create across public services and within communities.

Our team

The people behind iMPOWER are a fast-growing team of innovators and change motivators, who use behavioural insight to transform public service delivery. We work with some of the largest and most innovative public services in the country, so this is an opportunity to create high impact, sustainable change.

If you have a passion for improving public services alongside the energy and motivation to tackle some of our clients’ most difficult challenges, we’d like to hear from you.

Committed to Excellence

As a member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), iMPOWER is formally committed to Consulting Excellence – a new hallmark of quality for management consulting. The scheme is made up of nine principles on Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development, all of which are closely aligned to iMPOWER’s own values and ways of working.

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iMPOWER’s commitment to Consulting Excellence

iMPOWER’s Commitments show how we are committed to quality, openness and great results, upholding the principles of Consulting Excellence. The Commitments include:

Ethical behaviour:

  • iMPOWER has allocated days in which it encourages staff to undertake Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work to support local communities and causes close to its employees.
  • We only bid for work that we have the capacity and capability to deliver. We are honest with our customers about whether we think their desired outcomes are achievable.

Client service and value:

  • All of our projects undergo an internal quality and risk audit after they have closed to ensure that our own high quality standards are achieved.

Professional development:

  • We prepare an annual training and development plan based upon the assessed skills gaps and needs of each individual.

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