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We deliver better outcomes that cost less

By enabling public service leaders to grip the challenges of complexity, we supercharge their ability to improve lives and save money.

What we do

We help public service leaders produce lasting, positive change in complex systems. Our approach enables organisations to make the required mindset shift – towards a focus on outcomes and working across organisational and system boundaries – and provides the tools that make this easier.


Why we do it

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A better society

We believe that a better public sector is the cornerstone of a better society.


At the heart of our work is respect for the users of public services and the staff who work in them, and a belief in their contributions to positive change.

Improving lives

For us, improving public services is fundamentally about improving the lives of citizens.

Our impact

Recent projects


reduction in new Education, Health and Care Plans for children and young people


overall spend reduction


homelessness avoidable demand


examples of improved independence in ASC


savings and cost avoidance


children prevented from coming into care

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Our approach


EDGEWORK is our unique approach to delivering sustainable change. It is drawn from 20 years’ experience of making change happen in complex public service systems.

Our insights

Latest news and views

  • Yesterday’s Adult #SocialCare Reform #whitepaper referenced 35 pots of money, signalling a step-change in HOW #localgov delivers change. At #IMPOWER, we solve complex problems using EDGEWORK© & #behaviouralscience to deliver long-term, sustainable change. ,
  • "I didn't understand the value that #consultants add or their dedication to improving outcomes for people. But then I heard about IMPOWER."...thankfully, we convinced Chloe that consultants aren't so bad! 😅🙌 Chloe's #consulting journey: ,
  • GUEST BLOG: @RBKC's Director of Financial Management, Taryn EvesFind out how we helped the council to identify savings of £40 million over a 3-year period 👇#localgov #transformation #savings ,


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