Clare Harding

From Public Servant to Consultant (215 working days in)

November 10, 2016

Clare's Blog

Almost a year ago I decided to make what, at the time felt like, a big leap from a career as a Public Servant to that of a Consultant. Was I hesitant? Yes, but I was excited about what it had in store for me.

Over the past year I have traversed the country and worked across a wide variety of projects; from identifying demand pressures in Adult Social Care to co-designing the operating model for a Regional Adoption Agency. Adapting to living life out of a suitcase, and not always knowing what the next week will bring, has its challenges. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

What has made the past year surpass all my expectations? It’s a combination of the following three things:

Collaboration: Any fears I had about being alone, or the expectation that I would have to come up with all the answers myself, were quickly pushed to the side. I have been pleasantly surprised by the openness of both clients and colleagues in sharing knowledge and discussing the finer points of service delivery and demand pressures. Working with iMPOWER I know that advice and the sharing of experience are just a quick email or call away, and that personal egos won’t play any part in ensuring the best results for all clients.

Variety: Variety was one of the key reasons I wanted to move into consultancy and I have not been disappointed. Although iMPOWER solely works with the Public Sector, I have witnessed a wide variety in the projects delivered:

      • Across a range of council services, from Social Care to Housing and Waste.
      • Geographically across the country and at a variety of scales from County Councils to City Councils and Metropolitan Boroughs.
      • Covering all project stages from diagnostic to delivery.
      • Using a range of methodologies to deliver solutions tailored to each brief.

Development: I have grown more in the past year than I ever expected, both as a person and in my knowledge and skills base. Personal development forms a large part of everyday life at iMPOWER; there are plenty of opportunities – both on and off projects – to learn and implement new skills, as well as to step outside your comfort zone.

Overall it all boils down to one thing: The drive to do the best for the Public Sector and the people it serves – a common ethos shared across both Public Servants and iMPOWER.

(PS. We are recruiting for senior consultants. Click here if you are interested.)

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