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iMPOWER’s mission is to reshape the public sector, to deliver sustainable and fit for purpose services in a modern environment.  

Over the last few years iMPOWER has worked on an increasing number of major transformation programmes across all local public services. iMPOWER’s success has built on its distinctive approach that celebrates the power of deep service knowledge and commitment to the sector. 

Our leading edge solutions are relevant to the nature of local public services.  Uniquely, our transformation approach focuses as much on demand as supply, utilising leading edge behaviour change techniques to understand and engage with citizens. 

Our unique style and consultancy approach has delivered successful transformation for more than 100 councils in the last 3 years and across a full range of local public services.  We have deep expertise in all services but also in key competencies including:

  • Partnerships, Outsourcing and Divestment
  • Corporate and service based transformation and efficiency
  • Demand management, customer services and behaviour change
  • Adults and Children’s social care transformation
  • Healthcare
  • Policing

Rather than impose our own models, iMPOWER tailors solutions to the unique circumstances of each client – a crucial factor in achieving the ownership and sustainability of change.

The downloads below show the wide range of solutions that we offer and where iMPOWER's services have been utilised over the last few years: 

Download the iMPOWER map of Children and Young People Services

Download the iMPOWER map of Adults Wellbeing Services

Download the iMPOWER map of Demand Management and Behaviour Change Services

Download the iMPOWER map of Additional Services

iMPOWER worked closely with the fostering team to baseline current performance and develop a range of innovative approaches to measure the level of opportunity for Staffordshire to increase take-up to our already high performing in-house fostering service. The team introduced new concepts, such as Value Modes, and the effects of this fresh thinking was felt immediately, as together with iMPOWER we revamped the service’s approach to the crucial first meeting with potential new recruits. The new approach visibly showcased the benefits of being a foster carer more effectively and helped the team understand the numerous practical applications of this previously unfamiliar methodology. iMPOWER’s long term legacy is  the way they have critiqued our past practices and constructively challenged  the way we view communications with existing as well as potential new foster carers. iMPOWER’s collaborative approach has enhanced an already high performing team, with innovative thinking and fresh ideas.

Richard Hancock, Assistant Director, Looked After Children, at Staffordshire County Council
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