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Home Truths is a co-operative of councils and health bodies working with iMPOWER and the University of Birmingham to  demonstrate that by improving relationships with GPs  we can measurably reduce demand for care, improving social care outcomes and saving money. 

There are currently 11 areas involved in England and Scotland, covering 11 councils, 14 Clinical Commissioning Groups, nearly 5 million people and 3,400 GPs.  Building on the core hypothesis, the programme is also arguing for a radical new approach to health and social care integration based on systematically transforming relationships. 

Through Home Truths each site is developing a deeper, measurable understanding of relationships, trust and motivation between citizens and partners across the health and care system.  As well as local evidence this work is contributing to a national picture. Themes include:

  • A poor relationship and lack of trust between GPs and social care but a real desire to improve. 56% of GPs say the relationship with social care is poor and 92% would value closer links;
  • A “perception gap” that is as important as any “provision gaps”. 46% rate reablement as poor and 59% don’t believe telecare exists in their area. It doesn’t matter how good your services are if they are not known or trusted by GPs, older people or other influencers.

Improvement plans from the first Home Truths six sites are currently being implemented. Each plan is specific to the area but all include improving trust through feedback, process changes and communication. This will change pathways at the early intervention, crisis response or post-crisis stage, leading to measurable outcome improvement and financial savings.  Involvement in the programme means on-going collection and sharing of evidence. The first evaluation report will be published in October 2013.  

Findings so far support the research and conclusions of the original Home Truths report published in September 2012, and provide confidence in the potential £600m per annum social care financial benefit.  However, an important new finding is that the impact and anticipated savings for the NHS are over £1bn per annum.

Councils and CCGs are invited to express an interest in joining wave 3 starting in September.

If you would like anymore information about this project then please contact either:

Jeremy Cooper, Director, on 020 7017 8030 or email jcooper@impower.co.uk

Will Reynolds, Manager, on 020 7017 8030 or email wreynolds@impower.co.uk

To read the original Home Truths report click here. To read the latest Home Truths update click here
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